Hello friends and family

At the behest of some good friends, I have decided to start a blog for Shannon and I and our upcoming skeletor baby.  Skeletor may sound harsh, but after looking at the ultrasound face shots from our latest doctor’s appointment, it is the only conclusion Shannon and I can come to.  We have great hopes our baby will grow up and fulfill its destiny by defeating He-Man in an epic battle.

He/she may be Skeletor, but he/she is our Skeletor

This next one is more flattering, but, while we were happy to see the spine is there and intact, it still looks like an alien.  If this is true, Shannon  has some splainin’ to do.

Alien or human? You decide.

Other than these images, we were told everything looks great.  The baby is right on target to arrive happy and healthy August 2nd.  Where he/she will be delivered is an entirely different issue and one we will be sure to update you with in future blog posts.

Go Reds! (Do I mean the prominent Cincinnati baseball team or our impending takeover by socialists?  Or both….something to ponder)



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2 responses to “Hello friends and family

  1. Andrew Jones

    Great to catch a prenatal glimpse of lil Kellner — we hope Shannon is feeling well. Your skeletor baby comment reminded me of something: http://ihavethepowerart.blogspot.com/.

  2. that Billy.

    In the future everyone will have a blog & every band will have a documentary. Welcome to the future!
    (the revolution will be a podcast)

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