No overarching themes this time

Sorry to our fan, but this one is a week late, or rather, two weeks will be combined into one.  I’ve got nothing funny to share, no deep life lessons, just basic news.  It’s business time.

Last weekend Shannon and I returned to the greater Cincinnati area (aka the no euphemism intended “Porkopolis”) for a couple of baby showers.  It is always fun to return home to see our family and friends even if when the trip is Skyline deficient.  This trip was a bit of a weird one for Shannon because in all likelihood, this will be her last trip home before we have the kid and last trip before the move to Columbus.  We both feel excited to be able to see everyone on a bit more of a regular basis, but it certainly will feel weird to be so close but so far away.

Shannon had a shower hosted by her sisters and mother at her Grandma’s swank pad, the Cincinnati equivalent of the Springfield Retirement Castle.  While that was going on, some of the fellas went to the track.  Don’t tell the IRS but I won $2.30 on the day.  Maybe I should quit this art crap and be a professional handicapper.  Here are some pictures from the shower.  Mysteriously missing is the video Shannon shot of me in the bedroom rolling around on top of all my winnings.

On Sunday, my brother-in-law, Ryan and I put on our finest Prefontaine wear (meaning we grew mustaches) and went out for a run where we solved all the world’s problems.  After breakfast, the five guys decided to go watch the (then) first place Cincinnati Reds in an oven.  Here’s a picture before we all had heat stroke.

Pre-Reds' and weight loss

No pictures from the shower on our end (Mate and Courtney’s camera house the events as of now), but I know Shannon and Molly both had a great time.  We were especially lucky to have my aunts Deirdre and Laurie in town from Buffalo and Rochester, respectively.  My parents have worked diligently to establish some sort of freedom train for Buffalo food.  Although there were no hot dogs on this journey, the Weber’s mustard made it safe and sound, much to my mother’s delight.  Sunday was capped off with a family bbq and Molly’s friends (and ours) joining in on the fun.  We always love seeing Andrew and Carrie, the world’s most dynamic cycling couple.  It also gave me a chance  to show them my favorite thing on the internet right now (sort-of filthy, but awesome).

Monday was a day of good-byes capped off with an evening with John and Brad at the Teak in Mount Adams.  The service may have been terrible, but the waitress was pregnant, so we had some sympathy on her.  Here’s a picture post-Sushi, curry and ice cream.

I look pregnant

John and Brad took us back to their house and regaled us with tales of the dumbest neighborhood association ever.  Their house is beautiful.  Every time we go, it looks nicer and nicer.  Keep your fingers crossed for them as they undergo more renovations.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that someone “accidentally” destroys their ridiculous UK refrigerator.

The drive back to Wilmington on Tuesday was uneventful except for the fact that I acquired an attenuated version of the ebola virus.  It has been a true pleasure having a head cold in 95 degree weather with 85% humidity.

This past Friday (June 4th) we headed up to Raleigh for a show and reception.  I had a couple of pieces in the Visual Arts Exchange landscape exhibition.  Apparently there are a lot of VERY literal people in North Carolina when it comes to landscapes, but it was nice to be in one more show there before the move.  I am going to write more on art at some point in this blog, but not just yet, but I did see a pretty interesting artist at Artspace.  I’m sure you are on pins and needles.

The journey up also gave us a chance to spend some time with the Jones family in their beautiful house.  Why do all our friends have such sweet cribs? My guess is careful budgeting and hard work.  This runs contrary to my idea of spending all my free time drawing and praying for a discovery that I have some billionaire great uncle who wants to subsidize my every whim.

Shannon and I left Raleigh missing the shopping opportunities a big city provides.  We also were left wanting to decorate a nursery.  Nesting instincts are kicking in, I guess.  Anyway, since we are trying to sell our house, Shannon got out our new pack-n-play and did swaddling demos with Winnie the Pooh.

That seems like a good place to end it.  One more ultrasound this Friday (with pictures to come on Sunday).  We’re getting excited.


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