Stress is the silent killer

I had planned on updating this blog last Sunday, but mother nature had other plans.  Lightening struck the pole across the street from our house.  After changing my underwear, I realized the cable and internet were gone.  Then the hot water heater got really hot and an element blew.  Then the dryer timer decided not to work allowing me to dry my running clothes for 7 hours on Thursday night.  My life is 1 step forward, 15 steps back.

I hope that the kid will be able to read all this one day; so, kid, I don’t want to bullshit you, your parents are stressed out.   We are not stressed out in the cute, why can’t the US put together a decent World Cup first half kind-of way.  We are stressed out in the living destitute on the street, dumpster diving for 3 day old donuts kind-of way.  Kid, I hope you don’t starve to death, but I make no guarantees.  Quicken does not predict an easy future for you.

Kid, your dad decided to stand on principle.  “Good for him” you say.  Its an easy story to rally around.  But your dad is not a financial wizard.  He is beginning to grasp broader economic theories (supply siders vs the Keynsians/crap like that), but that doesn’t mean a thing when figuring out how to put food on the table  or finding a reasonable place to live, etc, etc.  A 17000 a year fellowship would be great, if this were the 1960’s.  In 2010, things look dicey.

“Quit your bitching, dad, its father’s day.”  Ok, kid, when you’re right,  you’re right.  Let’s make a list of things that are going well.

1.  You look pretty healthy kid, I’m not gonna lie.  The ulrasound lady said you have a lot of hair.  You’re a little on the small side, but your mom’s not the biggest person in the world, so that makes sense.  You even opened your eyes and looked right at your mom and me.  Pretty cool.

Finally, a good picture

2.  Your mom gets to work from home.  Now, we will see how long this lasts.  It may drive her insane.  This is good news, though.  We don’t have to worry about your mom switching to a new job, in a new city living in a new apartment with a house in Wilmington that refuses to even be looked at…I know, calm down.    We have something we can depend on.  Your mom feels good about it.  Its nice to have at least a little stability, right?

3.  It only took 6 months, but I finally got an email back about teaching on-line art classes.  Hopefully this will go well.  Your dad had visions of working the counter at Burger King to make ends meet.  This certainly beats the King.

4.  Your mom and I alternate days having complete emotional breakdowns.  Its a tiny victory, but a victory never the less.

5. Your aunt to-be, Courtney, is the biggest ball buster in the world when it comes to updating this blog.  “Dad, is this a good thing?”  Yeah it is, kid.  It means people are interested in you.  More than interested.  You will be loved by lots and lots of people.  That’s a great thing.  Just don’t expect a WII for your first birthday and we should be fine.

Until next week.



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4 responses to “Stress is the silent killer

  1. Court

    Don’t you think “ball buster” is a bit strong of a term? =)

    Love you guys! (And little Bambino/a of course!)

  2. Monica

    I’m really enjoying this Michael….I seriously laughed out loud almost every sentence!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Cousin Monica

    • You’re the only Monica I know. Thanks for the nice feedback. I hope we can see you soon. I think there may be a bullet train between Syracuse and Columbus.
      Cousin Michael

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