Video killed the radio…oh, never mind

Well Shannon decided to spoil us a week ago and purchase a flip video camera.  Like all purchases we make, we talked ourselves in and out of purchasing it 100 times.  Then there are the overriding feelings of guilt that come with the purchase and again with  the item’s arrival.  We understand we are not the typical consumers.   The typical consumer does not feel guilty about having nice things.

Keep in mind this is a 170 dollar item, definitely not cheap.  But, you have to ask yourself, is this worth curling up in a ball and crying over?  Probably not.  You should have seen us when we bought the car last year.  Anxiety attacks, spontaneous shivers, piles of catholic and white-privilege guilt.  We are really fun to be around.  I look forward to passing this along to the kid.

Me: Are you sure you want that package of peanut M and M’s?

Kid: Yeah

Me: It’s a dollar, you know that, right?

Kid: So

Me: Well that is a day’s salary for some farmer in Haiti.  On that dollar he has to buy food for his family, try to provide some semblance of shelter and save enough to reinvest into his product.  Never mind medical care or clothing.  That’s why all those kids in the photos are dressed in Baltimore Orioles’ gear.  They don’t give a crap about the Orioles.  No one does. Not since Cal Ripkin retired.  So all that clothing is given away and who has to wear it?  Poor Haiti kids.  Crazy, huh?

Kid: So you’re saying I can’t buy the peanut M and M’s?

Me: No, I’m just saying that if you buy them, I really hope you enjoy them because some kid in Haiti is naked tonight because you decided to buy candy.

Kid: But you and mom buy stuff all the time.  What about all your records?

Me: Its called cognitive dissonance.   I justify purchasing records because I feel I deserve them.  Its a vicious cycle.  I hope you can avoid it. That’s what this lesson  is about.

Kid: My head hurts.

Me: Good, you’re learning.

I digress.  Prior to having the flip camera, we were recording videos on our other digital camera.  That’s how I made this one (tilt your head to the left, please):

Pretty cool, huh.  It would be even better if I remembered it operated as a video camera and you can’t simply rotate an avi file.  The flip camera has a really nice interface, its easy to upload photos to you tube, email them to people, turn them into a variety of things.

Here’s one of Shannon’s first attempts with special guests John and Brad:

Just so you know, video camera face occurs when Shannon makes a video.  Her eyes get a little wider, but only stare at the screen of the video camera.  She also projects her voice and over enunciates her words.  Its annoying (and kind of cute, but don’t tell her that).

The camera is also amazing at capturing the most talented kitty in the world.  Shannon has the “Jim Nance” golf voice going.

Despite the “Blair Witch” camera operating, you can tell our cat has “ups” as Clark Kellog would say.

Here’s me being freaked out and full of adrenaline and thinking the camera works like a phone conversation.

Here’s everything you might ever want to know about princesses.

And here’s an artsy fartsy one that took me a very long time to put together.

Fans of the blog, be prepared to be inundated with video.  This video will consist primarily of the following topics:

1. The baby sleeping

2. The baby yawning

3. The baby laughing

4. The baby with the cat

5. The baby with Shannon or I

6. The baby with others

And remember you can’t spell baby without “you will probably be bored to tears.”

The due date’s tomorrow, so maybe by next week, we can get this party started.  Until then.



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2 responses to “Video killed the radio…oh, never mind

  1. Shane

    And remember you can’t spell baby without “you will probably be bored to tears.”–Well played Michael, well played

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