Daylight Savings

I always have loved fall daylight savings. The past tense is key here. If my love of fall daylight savings were an actual sentient human being, it would have died, suddenly and without warning, in 2011. Devoted reader(s) of the blog will note that this was shortly after Miles’ first birthday. He hadn’t been sleeping through the night all that long by this point and the time change that I knew as the night I got an extra hour of sleep simply ceased to exist. Now it just meant that Miles had no idea what time he was getting up or going to bed. Child parenting sites will offer helpful tips like: “Increase or decrease your child’s bedtime in 15 minute increments until they adjust to the new schedule.” Thanks internet, but I want to sleep now.

It was not always so. Once upon a time, when I lived in Louisville (City of Problem Drinkers, Est. 1778), fall daylight savings gave you an extra hour at the bar you definitely didn’t need because bars already stayed open until 4 and the Tavern opened back up at 6. Just thinking about a burrito from Labamba’s (“Burritos as big as your head”) makes my stomach hurt. As I got older and seemingly busier, the extra hour in the day allowed a little time for relaxation. Work on the Sunday after daylight savings got done a little earlier. The novelty of darkness creeping up at 5:30 felt fun, especially when we lived in North Carolina. I realize this is all a state of mind but that doesn’t seem to relieve the very real stress of the approaching time change.

So it is with great joy that I announce daylight savings of 2014 began swimmingly. Sure Lena woke up a little early but Shannon and I quickly decided just to bring her into our bed and hope that she would sleep a little more…which she totally did. We changed Miles’ clock the night before so he wasn’t too thrown off by the whole thing. We made breakfast, I moved some stuff around, the kids went down for naps; it was nice. And then it wasn’t.

Both kids woke up early from their naps. Lena had what we will delicately call a bathroom emergency. Miles decided naps are for losers and yelled, “When will it be wake-up time?” about 1000 times in a row; that kid is nothing if not persistent. Miles started helping me move books around the house until I realized a pen had exploded in the pocket of my favorite pair of pants. When I started to clean them he helpfully offered, “You are really sad because you ruined your pants and you ruin things all the time.” Thanks buddy. When we went upstairs to play with Lena, Miles hit her, on accident, with a block but it sounded like a bat hitting a coconut and Lena did the silent cry until she realized people need oxygen and most definitely decided not to silently cry anymore. When I went to bed last night, I forgot to change our clock so the alarm for my run went off at 4:30, which I realized shortly before Lena started to cry for her 6 AM feeding not realizing it was still well before 5. Our car was at one auto repair shop so I walked the kids to daycare while Miles told me his legs were tired the whole way even though he was riding of my shoulders. I came home to find that Winnie had puked all over the carpet (this cat!) and that I had to take our car to a different repair shop because of the computer and now I am sitting in the waiting room listening to Paula Cole sing, “I don’t want to wait for our lives to be over…” which is one of my least favorite songs ever. To top all of this off, I am sick right now and am going to die someday. All of this I pin on dead-to-me daylight savings. But, once again, this is only a state of mind.

So let me try to change it. Before the pen blew up in my pocket yesterday, Miles looked at all my books piled on the floor and said, “Look at all these books! This is wonderful! It’s such a mess and I feel like I could do anything!” Last night Lena had one of those spells where she only wanted to be held by me. She just sat there, sucking her thumb. I lost my voice teaching on Friday and its still not all the way back but Miles and Lena laughed this morning at me trying to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and not being able to hit any of the high notes, so I did it a bunch of times in a row. Shannon made cinnamon rolls last night, and the house smelled amazing. We have an honest to goodness date tonight and it looks like we may actually be able to do this despite having to cancel our past couple of dates because of sick kids. It’s warmer outside than I expected it to be. The sun is shining. It is kind of a sublime moment if I really take the time to think about it. I just have to remember to take that time, really take it, and hold onto it in the way you hold on to time: you know you can’t hold it, not really; you just try to notice it’s there and feel thankful as it gently passes you by.

Gratuitous Picture of the Day (Halloween Edition: Miles the tree frog and Lena the lamb):Halloween


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